How To Organize A Last-Minute Dinner Party With InstaCart

There’s nothing worse than agreeing to be the host of last-minute plans with your friends and realizing that there is no food in your house! It becomes increasingly stressful when you need to get yourself ready and prepare the house for your guests’ arrival. Time quickly slips away, making that frantic grocery store trip all the less possible. 

If you need a quick bunch of crowd-pleasing ingredients and drinks delivered to your door, Instacart is the way to go. 

What is Instacart? 

Instacart is a quick and easy to use service that allows you to order groceries, clothing, gifts and pet supplies from your favorite stores. 

From dependable grocery giants such as Costco and Aldi to local convenience stores with great deals on drinks, Instacart is a quick fix when you need immediate supplies for a night in. 

How do I get started with Instacart? 

The first step to using Instacart is to create an account; you can do this using either the website or the App. Search results will be refined according to your location when creating an account. This helps you to be able to see which stores are available in your area. 

Next, choose the store you’d like to use. Once you have selected this, you can start adding whichever products you want to purchase to your virtual basket.

When you are happy with the products in your basket, you can place your order.

How does delivery work with Instacart? 

When you place an order with Instacart, you are assigned a personal shopper. They are responsible for going to the store and picking up your order whilst keeping you in the loop regarding the process. 

Whilst your personal shopper is sorting out your order, you can track their progress the entire time. This is super helpful as you can go about your day until your delivery is due.

In the instance of a last-minute dinner party, you can have your groceries delivered as quick as up to an hour after purchase. So, on your commute home from work, you can place your order to ensure everything you need for the night ahead will arrive at your door in time. 

You can schedule your delivery for a specific time or date that suits you in other situations. 

Do I have to pay to use Instacart? 

To start an account with Instacart, you don’t have to pay any membership fees. However, if you feel this is a service you will use for big weekly shops, you may be interested in the Express Membership fee. By starting this membership, you will be able to receive free delivery on orders over $35, estimating that you will save around $7 per order. 

If you’d like to give Instacart a whirl, whether for your dinner party plans or your weekly grocery shop, you can use this Instacart Promo code to get you going.